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Making A Case: The Rumored Diva’s Division Re-branding Comes Just In Time



If you’ve ragged on the glittery pink butterfly monstrosity that is the Diva’s Championship belt, you just might be in luck. PWInsider reported a new belt is in the works for a  re-branded Women’s division, and the change is comings just in time.

The diva’s division seems to have run its course in World Wrestling Entertainent. Plans to introduce a new belt, in the same style as the current WWE Championship belt, for a renamed Women’s division signify a possible change of direction for the peculiarly named division.

The reported change couldn’t come at a finer time. The Diva’s title is up for grasps at Wrestlemania in a match that for the first time in ages, feels like it actually means something. The product is hotter than its been in years thanks in part to the call up of 3/4th of the Four Horsewomen: Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and the current Diva’s Champion, Charlotte. Covering the entire spectrum of the babyface/heel dynamic, Banks (anti-hero), Lynch (classic face) and Charlotte (Heel) have not only thrown together a long list of solid matches both in NXT and on the main roster, but have also been able to tell some pretty compelling stories, thanks to some actual (gasp!), television time to tell an develop their story lines.

The entire division seems to have stepped their game up since Charlotte, Banks, and Lynch showed up on the scene. Despite their shortcomings, The Bella’s have improved leaps and bounds over their past selves. Once reserved for bathroom breaks, their matches are at least watchable now (kind of), and they can no longer be referred to as the bottom of the barrel in the Diva’s division. Overlooked workers like Paige and Naomi add depth on the back-end, not to mention the curious case of Natalya, who’s seems to appear on TV less and less as the calendar months flip by.

If a simple name change was reported It would’ve been cause for celebration. How the WWE brass figured the word “Diva,” should be taken as considered anything other than a snarky insider insult has always been beyond me, and perfectly reflected how female wrestling was treated by WWE creative for the better part of the last 20 years.

Trish Stratus might have the respect of fans as the greatest female wrestler to compete in a WWE ring, but it shouldn’t be forgotten how degrading, and misogynistic her role was for a long stretch of time.  Some of the most cringe-worthy  segments happened after she so-called “made it.” as the company’s top female wrestler.

Beginning her career as a valet for Test and Albert, before breaking off on her own, Trish Stratus got her start in the company as eye candy. It took months before Stratus was seen as anything more than a sex object for Vince’s strange self-indulgent story lines. She eventually got more time in the ring, becoming the Trish Stratus we all know and love today. Sadly, her career was the prototypical course for a lot of women walking through WWE’s doors: Show some skin, then we might let you show your worth in the ring.

A name change would also help distance the in-ring product from the Total Diva’s television show. For all its behind the scenes looks, and supposed reflection of WWE road life, Total Diva’s is still a reality show in all the worst ways. The show is popular, pulling in around a million views per episode last five years, and It’s doubtful the WWE are planning to shelve one of their biggest cross-promotional tool for consistencies sake. The WWE can still keep the Total Diva’s name for the show,  while referring to their on-screen division with the more respectable Women’s Division label.

The change will be met with positive reviews, since the Diva’s label has never exactly conjured endearment from the fans. If the WWE moves forward with their plans sooner rather than later, a title change at Wrestlemania, . Sasha Banks would be the ideal women to re-brand the title in story line terms. She’s clearly the next big thing in the division, so scrapping such an unpopular belt in favor of a new, more respectable design would be a nice feather in The Boss’ cap.

The negatives of a re-brand are non-existent. When the Charlotte, The Lass kicker, and the Boss step foot in Dallas to throw down for the Diva’s title, the possible honor of retiring such an unpopular belt will only add a cloud of intrigue their red-hot match.




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